A dynamic and innovative platform that aggregates, promotes and facilitates distribution of global fund products to SSA investors


PML is an innovative fund services provider dedicated to enabling alternative investment opportunities to investors seeking to create and preserve wealth in challenging commercial environments.

Fund Distribution

We facilitate fund managers’ access to new distribution channels, increasing assets under management. We work closely with managers to ensure regulatory compliance and provide ongoing support to investors throughout the process, including regular reporting and monitoring of the fund’s performance.
  1. Cost-effective: Fund Distribution Managers help reduce costs associated with fund management by streamlining operations and reducing overhead expenses.
  2. Increased transparency: Fund Distribution Managers provide greater transparency to investors, by providing regular reports on the fund’s performance and ensuring that all transactions are properly documented.
  3. Diversification: Fund Distribution Managers help diversify the fund’s investments, reducing risk.
  4. Improved investor relations: Fund Distribution Managers help maintain positive investor relationships by providing regular updates and addressing concerns.
  5. Access to new markets: Fund Distribution Managers expand the fund’s reach by providing access to new markets and potential investors.
  6. Expertise: Fund Distribution Managers use their expertise in fund management, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, to ensure the fund is managed efficiently and effectively.

Fund Promotion

We assist fund managers promote investment products by developing a tailored marketing strategy that emphasizes the fund’s key benefits and the manager’s expertise. Our team leverages an extensive network of contacts in the financial industry to connect with potential investors and raise awareness of the fund.

  1. Expertise and Experience: Fund Promotion Managers have the expertise and experience to develop and execute effective marketing and promotional strategies that help attract potential investors to the fund. They provide insights into market trends, investor behaviour, and competitor activity that can help inform the fund’s marketing approach.
  2. Increased Visibility: By leveraging their marketing skills and industry knowledge, Fund Promotion Managers help increase the fund’s visibility and raise awareness of its investment offerings. This can help attract new investors and increase the fund’s assets under management.
  3. Targeted Marketing: Fund Promotion Managers develop marketing campaigns to reach specific targets, such as high-net-worth individuals or institutional investors. They increase the likelihood of attracting suitable stakeholders for the fund, by tailoring their marketing efforts to these groups.
  4. Better Communication: A Fund Promotion Manager ensures the fund’s messaging and branding are consistent across all marketing channels. This builds trust and credibility with potential investors and improves the fund’s overall reputation in the market.
  5. Compliance: Fund Promotion Managers understand regulatory requirements and can help ensure all marketing materials comply with relevant laws and regulations. This can help mitigate the risk of regulatory fines or legal issues.

Other Services


We have strong partnerships with top-tier organizations that uphold all investments’ highest risk management standards and operate safely and sustainably. We cultivate relationships with investors and partners based on mutual trust and openness.

Fund Aggregation

PML aggregates funds from diverse global partners, offering investors a comprehensive selection of investment options. PML’s expertise in the local market dynamics and investor preferences in SSA allows us to curate a selection of investment options that are tailored to the specific needs and risk-return objectives of investors in the region.